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A few rocket pictures and links while I redo the site.

The Warlock. Best paint and finish LDRS 1999

Loading the Aerotech K700 in the Warlock

Warlock lifts off on the K700

Modified EZI-65 on a J415 on it's way to ~6500 feet

LOC 5.5 inch V-2 on an I435

The Big Easy...all 55 pounds

My Level 3 project (The Big Easy) lifts off on the M1419 and heads to ~8000 feet

L3 Launch - 17mb mpeg

Rocketry Links

National Association of Rocketry
Tripoli Rocketry Association
Rocketry Online - The online source for all things rocketry

Southeastern US rocketry clubs

Tripoli Atlanta
Southern Area Rocketry (Ga. NAR Section)
Tripoli South Carolina

Other Stuff

My Baja

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